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People all around the world have been experiencing positive health changes from the Prevail line of functional beverages from Valentus. the 12in24 lifestyle program has changed so many lives, its easy to follow and the results speak for themselves. the products taste great and work fast so there is no time for doubt and second guessing. Don’t wait for tomorrow, take that first brave step towards the new you and lets all start Prevailing Today!

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The prevail today challenge is simple, fun and anyone can participate, all you have to do is challenge yourself to do an exercise, any exercise, for one full minute every hour on the hour no matter where you are, and do this for 24 days. To make the challenge more fun, you must reach out and challenge 12 friends to do the same:)Enjoy the Challenge and start prevailing today. I have created this site so you can document your daily progress through video and post it on your own Prevail World profile. If you would like to participate, first place a product order with your sponsor or the person whom directed you to this site, then please feel free to create your own profile in the Members section and start posting a Daily diary of your Valentus journey And Valentus family, ya that’s you, always remember that enjoying the journey to better health is just as important as rejoicing in the destination. below you will find two buttons. one will take you to all our amazing before and after testimonials and the other will take you to Prevail World Social Media where you can create your own profile and start posting your Valentus lifestyle; enjoy:)!

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